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What can I do with a Siouxland Cars For account?
My Bookmars. This convenient feature allows you to "bookmark" the various vehicles you may have an interest in. While browsing Siouxland Cars For, you can use this feature to add a vehicle of interest to your list for later comparison.

How do I sign-up for a Siouxland Cars For account?
To get your own Siouxland Cars For account, simply click on the "Create an Account" link. Enter the information requested and click "Submit". You will be able to begin using your account immediately.

Do you ask for my credit card information?
No, an account is free. The only time your credit card information is requested is when you post a vehicle on the Siouxland Cars For site.

How do I add a vehicle to "My Bookmarks"?
After you have a Siouxland Cars For account, you can click the "Bookmark." That car will be automatically added to your bookmarks and you can continue browsing.

Will dealers contact me if I use a Siouxland Cars For account?
Only with your permission. While we encourage you to contact dealers regarding the vehicles you are interested in, no dealer will contact you unless you give them your contact information. To make it easy to contact a dealer with questions you may have, the detail page for every vehicle (where the pictures are located) has a link to send the dealer an email. The individual dealer phone number and website link are also listed on the page for you convenience.

Do I have to close my Siouxland Cars For account when I'm done with it?
No. You may choose to delete any/all vehicles you no longer have an interest in, however, it is not required. The vehicles will automatically "drop off" your list after they are sold by the dealer. Your account will remain for future use if you so desire.

What happens if I choose "Login Automatically Next Time" on the login page?
Your computer will "remember" your password for you so you don't have to login the next time you want to use your account. If you share a computer with others and do not want others to have access to your account then do not use this option.

What do I do if I can't remember my password to my Siouxland Cars For account?
Enter your email address on the account login page and click on the "GO" button. Your password will be promptly emailed to you.